Help GayCo Reach $5k Fundraising Goal!

Help GayCo Raise $5,000 by the end of the month!



Sun, March 31st:  The first 5 people who donate $500 get a song written about you or the subject of your choice by GayCo!  Also… 

END OF THE MONTH BLOW OUT – Previous day's perks for discounted amounts! 

If you didn't take advantage of them earlier you still have a chance TODAY for a bargain! (unlimited available unless it says otherwise)
              $65 – a mention in the Breast in Show program;
              $215 – your name/the name of your choice used in Breast in Show (3 available);
              $95 – a fun smear campaign ad about you/person/topic of your choice;
              $45 – a cast autographed poster for GayCo's Breast In Show and a baseball signed by Steve Stone^.

Sat, March 30th:  The first 5 people who donate $55 get a cast autographed poster for GayCo's Breast In Show (that runs Sundays April 21 to May 26th) and Sharon Stone's* autograph.

Fri., March 29th:  The first 5 people who donate $150 get a fun political campaign smear video/DVD about them or whoever they want (like the ones found in the GayCo's Best American Election)

Thurs., March 28th:  The first 5 people who donate $250 get their name (or the name of their choice) mentioned within the Breast in Show SHOW! (runs 4/21 through May)

Wed., March 27th:  The first 5 people who donate $75 get their name (or the name of their choice) in the Breast in Show Program (Opens 4/21 and runs Sunday at 7:30p through May)

 (*Not the actress.  Just some lady with the same name.)

(^Not the SOX announcer.  Just some guy with the same name)


To help us fund a variety exciting projects slated for 2013, including remounting our popular five-dollarsall women revue “Breast in Show”, closing out the last two weekends of Pride with our sexy GLBT comedy, and creating a brand-new fall sketch comedy spectacular (to name a few), we're asking friends and allies of GayCo to “give us five.” Dollars, that is. A donation as small as $5 or larger with “5” in it, will help us continue to create thought-provoking, intelligent, uproarious entertainment where gay is the given and never the punchline.


To donate, click the Donate widget below and watch your contribution advance the goal meter!

Beware of the FIVES OF MARCH…





GayCo is the nation's premiere purveyor of gay sketch comedy. It's also a 501(c)(3), which is fancy government-speak for a non-profit organization, which means donating to us is both tax deductible and highly glamorous!

It also means that funding for our shows comes largely from the generous donations of friends and allies in the community.


Thank you in advance for your continued support!


(Feeling like electronic donating is too easy? Then please mail your donation to: GayCo Productions, 5353 N. Magnolia, Chicago, IL 60640. Make checks payable to GayCo Productions.)


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