2016 GayCo’s Most American Election

MOSTAmericanLogo_2016Over the past year we have witnessed quite the political circus. Whether it be a bunch of Clowns trying to fit into the debate car, the Lying Tamer media that has their work cut out for them, to the Fire-Eater that makes everyone “feel the bern”, we can’t deny that we’ve been entertained.

We also can’t deny the GOP requires new leadership. We need a country united, after all we are not the Divided States of America.  So who should head the GOP*?  (*Gay Ole Party)

Several people of GayCo – have thrown in their hats and accepted their self-nomination for GayCo’s Most American.

Now we need you to choose the winner!

We will announce the winner of GayCo’s Most American at a Special Campaign Event “The Roaring 20s!” We are going to put the “political” and the “party” back in “political party!” on April 16 at 7-10pm at the Waterhouse (3407 N Paulina St, Chicago, IL 60657).

Check out each candidate’s video below to help you decide who you believe is GayCo’s Most American. Vote with your likes, or even better – YOUR DOLLARS by supporting your favorite candidates Super PAC (which is really GayCo’s 20th Anniversary fund—>CLICK HERE).


~~~~ Meet the Candidates ~~~~

Jessica Belless

belless logo

jessica youtube


Lanny Fox

lanny logo

lanny youtube


Kathy Betts

betts logo



 Allison Reese

reese logo

video web

Clay Goodpasture


video coming soon…


Erin Island

erin logo

video coming soon…


Christopher Theis Lotito

tito logo

video coming soon…


Robin Trevino

robin logo 2

video coming soon…


Alexandria Miller-Vanoveralex logo

video coming soon…


For some Nostalgia, check out the videos from

GayCo’s Best American Election of 2012!



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