Campaign 2012

Over the past year, this country has broken out into a multi-faceted, spectrum-spanning – and bitchy! – political debate!   We found our disparate sociopolitical views tearing us apart, much like a bald eagle tears apart its prey.

This November you face one of the most important decisions of your generation. The consequences could not be more dire.  And it is your responsibility to fulfill your civic duty and answer the question:   Which member of GayCo is truly the Best American?

Five members of GayCo – Kelly BeemanKathy BettsJudy FabjanceClay Goodpasture, and Brett Mannes – have thrown in their hats and accepted their self-nomination for GayCo’s Best American.

Now we need you to choose the winner!

Check back every week to see the new election content posted by our 5 front-runners. Hear what they have to say about themselves and their opponents. Then, cast your vote for GayCo’s Best American.

We will announce the winner of GayCo’s Best American at a Special Campaign Event “Vote Early and OFTEN!” We are going to put the “political” and the “party” back in “political party!” Sunday, November 4th, 8:15p-9:30p @ the Annoyance Theatre (4860 N. Broadway, 773-561-4665)

Then stick around and see the opening of John Loos’ show, Adorable Disasters at 9:30pm.

Now go to the top menu and check each candidate’s page for their Biography, Platforms, Campaign Ads, Announcements, and more!


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