Black Eyed Peas Releases New Single “Welcome To This Corporate Event”

HOLLYWOOD CA – Best-selling musical act the Black Eyed Peas surprised fans by releasing a new single today called “Welcome To This Corporate Event.” Early reaction has been positive, though how it fares among the conventions and events of the third fiscal quarter has yet to be seen.

Bucking music industry trends by being released directly to the internal networks of Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley corporations, the single is said to be a return to form for the group, merging elements of corpora-pop and lanyardtronica.

“This song makes me want to kick back, relax and loosen my necktie and then re-tie it so its tighter,” said Oracle CEO Franz Whitman.

In the song, a thumping bass derived from dozens of focus groups is leveraged with a thrilling chorus that shouts Here we are/The time is now/We’re all excited to be here. The new single is already breaking records for most plays in a Marriot conference room and most digital downloads to accompany a Powerpoint presentation.

“We just to make people dance,” said Black Eyed Peas leader “And by dance we mean  deliver their brand to market in an exciting, efficient and consumer-focused manner.”

Early reviews of the song have been strong. Forbes magazine gave it five warm cans of Sierra Mist floating in an water-filled ice bucket on a table in the hallway outside of event room C.

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