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Fred Phelps Poised to Become World’s Worst Poltergeist

TOPEKA, KS — Now that prolific funeral protester Fred Phelps lies dying at Midland Hospice House in Topeka, the Westboro Baptist Church can finally set the wheels in motion to continue their reign of terror into the afterlife. Fred Phelps has been trying to perfect his ghoulish look since the 1986 release of Poltergeist 2: The Other […]

Top 5 Ways To Get Lucky in March

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and everybody is either wearing green, drinking a Guinness, eating corned beef & cabbage, or doing all three! The question is – on the so-called “luckiest day of the year”, how can you ensure that YOU get lucky?  While you hunt down some leprechauns and four leaf clovers, GayCo provides some […]

Ides of March Quiz

QUIZ:  Which Hottie Julius Caesar Assassin Are You? It’s been said, “Beware the Ides of March.” But that doesn’t apply to YOU! You’re not a victim, you’re a perpetrator! And while people should fear you (especially that Caesar guy), they also can’t stop checking you out. Because YOU. ARE. SO. HOT.  Who doesn’t like a […]


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10 Ways to Use Poppers at Work

Gay guys love poppers This why you should keep an extra bottle at work… 1. Key Board Sanitizer Everyone in the office is sick, No Clorox wipes to be found, pull your poppers out and pour on a paper towel, wipe down your mouse and keyboard. Voilà!       2. Air Deodorizer Let’s face it, your co-workers […]

Top 5 Things I Gave Up For Lent

Like everyone else in the entire world, I grew up Catholic.  And like everyone else in the world I used to get an ash cross temporarily tattooed to my forehead.  Its Ash Wednesday today!  The beginning of Lent!  For those people who don’t know, Lent is the season before Easter. Or, more importantly, the Filet’O’Fish […]

Ellen Sentenced to Testosterone, 20-hour Felicity Huffman Playdate After ‘Transphobic’ Oscar Joke

LOS ANGELES COUNTY – Oscar host Ellen Degeneres called Liza Minnelli “sir” during Sunday’s broadcast and created a firestorm of controversy among trans activists. In a shocking turn of events, 2nd Superior Court Judge Lee Smalley Edmon handed down a sentence of three months of testosterone injections and mandatory face-to- face time with Felicity Huffman (star of […]

5 Reasons to Donate to GayCo’s Fives of March

You! Yes you! You’re a gal on the go, busy reading Facebook links about Russian hijinks and the new cast of Dancing With the Stars (hayyy DJ Tanner!) But where does much of this content that distracts you from your job come from? It comes from writers. And comedians. And gay people. GayCo is an […]

Jan Brewer’s Classic “Will she/Won’t she” Routine Getting America All Horny

Will Jan Brewer drag out her decision on a bill that would time warp the state of Arizona backwards to an era when America segregated its drinking fountains, just to keep her name in the headlines a few more days?  Or won’t she?  She will. It’s pretty much a no brainer.  It would be unfair […]


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