VIDEO: Googling with GayCo – Sochi Edition

Kelly Looks for Delicious Russian Cocktail Recipes    

Sochi Hotel Guests Long for Luxury of Gulags

SOCHI, RUSSIA-While reporters from across the world have been tweeting about their distressed hotels with various states of dis-repair and oddities, the local prison is nothing short of luxury.  The lobby of the Otkryti Dvor prison is not under construction and is actually opulently well built, all the while being functionally secure. It is reported […]

Take the Quiz — Which Evil Russian Dictator Will Throw YOU in Jail for Being a Homo?

What Evil Russian Dictator are YOU most likely to be jailed by?    CLICK HERE TO BEGIN                

Does Sochi’s Biathlon Course Really Go Both Ways?

SOCHI, RUSSIA–Controversy has been no stranger to the Sochi Olympics, but fans of biathlon were shocked today by rumors that the 2.5 kilometer track is a ski-only course.The “Laura” Biathlon Complex is home to the sport, which includes cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, but its history with the event is a mixed bag. Norwegian athlete […]

VIDEO: Tito Finds his Daddy

  Tito spends his Friday afternoon looking for the Daddy of his dreams…

Facebook Turns 10 – Mom Realizes Son’s Not Using It Anymore, Joins Scruff

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Schaumburg Native, Carol Schultz, recently realized that she was no longer seeing her son online during peak hours of ‘facebooking’ time. This  concerned the suburban mom because she was no longer able to monitor her son’s activities.  This prompted Carol to research other ways to connect with her son. Late Sunday evening, […]

Janet Huckabee “Stands by her Man”

HOPE, AR – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is not sleeping on the couch tonight – and it is not because his wife wasn’t mortified by his statements to the Republican National Committee at their annual luncheon on Thursday. At the Washington luncheon, Gov. Huckabee alluded to the fact that Democrats were trying to win over […]

Internet Shocked to Learn Nelly Furtado Released New Album a Year and a Half Ago

    HOLLYWOOD – The Internet is abuzz with shocking news today: that beloved, platinum-selling pop artist Nelly Furtado released a full album of all-new material over a year and a half ago and somehow no one noticed. The album, The Spirit Indestructible, which included 12 new songs, four strongly produced singles and five high-quality videos, sold […]

Metro Rails on Homosexist Edge With Sexy Ad

Doesn’t it seem that gay men can’t ever stop blabbing annoyingly about shoes? Well, the folks behind a new marketing campaign for Washington, D.C.’s Metro agree, and have dedicated one of their poster designs of the idea just to prove it. The ad features a photo of a woman and gay man conversing. The woman […]

Hawaii Finally Comes To Terms With Its License Plates, Passes Gay Marriage

  HONOLULU–Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie is poised to sign a gay marriage bill that recently passed the state’s House and Senate, which would finally make the Aloha State as gay-friendly as its incredibly gay license plates. “Love is love, ke aloha is ke aloha,” said Abercrombie on Wednesday morning. “I’m proud to be from a […]


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