Which Evil Russian Dictator Will Throw YOU in Jail for Being a Homo?

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Which Evil Russian Dictator Will Throw YOU in Jail for Being a Homo?

YOU STILL GOT VLADIMIR PUTIN!!!                         You don’t seem to understand – YOU GOT VLADIMIR PUTIN. Please stop re-taking the Quiz.   Thank you for taking our quiz. If you would like to Re-Take the Quiz – CLICK HERE        

Which Evil Russian Dictator Will Throw YOU in Jail for Being a Homo?

YOU GOT VLADIMIR PUTIN                                     No really.  You got VLADIMIR PUTIN.  He’s the only Evil Russian Dictator at the moment.  I know it would be really retro fun to be jailed by Lenin or Stalin but that’s not an […]

GayCo is Proud to Announce Their 2014 Season!

GayCo Productions is celebrating its 18th season with all-new, gay-tacular shows! The ensemble has a very exciting season planned for 2014 that includes our annual Pride Show at the end of June and a brand new sketch revue in October. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get our latest updates! GayCo’s […]

Internet Shocked to Learn Nelly Furtado Released New Album a Year and a Half Ago

    HOLLYWOOD – The Internet is abuzz with shocking news today: that beloved, platinum-selling pop artist Nelly Furtado released a full album of all-new material over a year and a half ago and somehow no one noticed. The album, The Spirit Indestructible, which included 12 new songs, four strongly produced singles and five high-quality videos, sold […]

Hawaii Finally Comes To Terms With Its License Plates, Passes Gay Marriage

  HONOLULU–Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie is poised to sign a gay marriage bill that recently passed the state’s House and Senate, which would finally make the Aloha State as gay-friendly as its incredibly gay license plates. “Love is love, ke aloha is ke aloha,” said Abercrombie on Wednesday morning. “I’m proud to be from a […]

SPOILER: Breaking Bad to End With Esther Williams-Style Musical Number

    HOLLYWOOD – As anticipation for the series finale of the AMC series Breaking Bad hits a fever pitch, insiders have revealed the story of chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin Walter White will end with an all-out Esther Williams-style aquatic musical number. “For us, we wanted to end with a bang, and with something unexpected,” said series creator […]

Clarissa Explains Hashtags

By Clarissa Darling Let’s face it, getting old is tough and it’s hard to keep up with the times.  My mom and stepfather think they are tech savvy just because they figured out how to text me. Last night at dinner, mom asked me what a hashtag was. I put my head in my hands […]

Blackhawks Take to Prairie, Overturn Tepees to Celebrate Victory in Stillman’s Run Finals

  SAUK VALLEY – In what was consider a major last-minute upset, the Sauk Indians, headed by their leader Black Hawk, defeated Major Isaiah Stillman’s brutish forces along the Rock River in the sixth day of the Battle at Stillman’s Run. This led to mass celebrations bordering on riots across the Northern Illinois prairieland and […]

Drag Queen Comes Out as Boring

  FT. LAUDERDALE–Inspired by the recent coming out of NBA center Jason Collins, the first for a still-active male professional athlete, Ft. Lauderdale drag queen Anna Histamine has come out as the first openly boring drag queen in American history. “I’ve been living a lie and wanted to be true to myself,” said “And, despite […]


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