Gaywatch – Searching for Pride

GayCo rescues its Pride with a special evening of improv & storytelling!

Summer is near and if you’re feeling queer, then GayCo Productions is here to save the day with theatre!  It’s time for GayCo, Chicago’s premier LGBTQ sketch comedy company, to hit the beach with GAYWATCH!

This annual sell-out Pride event is a wave of entirely improvised comedy shows inspired by the stories told by inspirational heroes of the LGBT community.  You may or may not see chiseled abs in the caliber of Zac Efron’s or Double D’s to the likes of Pamela Anderson’s, but you will laugh so hard you’ll need mouth to mouth resuscitation.

GAYWATCH runs Friday and Saturday at 10:30pm, June 23rd and 24th.  After a long day at the festival, come drink and laugh while GayCo provides the raunchiest, sexiest, and downright gayest pride show yet.  Grab your speedo, abandon your sand castles, and jump into the deep end of The Playground Theater (3209 N. Halsted St) in the heart of Boystown.  Tickets are $15 and can be bought in advance at

GAYWATCH also features the ensemble members of GayCo and some all-star improvisors.  As a means to bring the beach to the stage, the cast will be decked out in the most scandalous swimwear the coast guard will allow.

Gaywatch Monologists:  
Friday:  Ali FitzSimmons – A life coach who inspires people to reach their full potential by working with them to take control of their lives.

Saturday:  Andy Eninger – Actor, Director, Writer, Teacher, and one of the founding members of GayCo – pioneering LGBT themed sketch comedy and empowering LGBT performers and audiences.

Andy is moving to L.A. so this may be the last time you get to see him perform in Chicago!  

GayCo Productions is a homo-sensible, bi-larious LGBTQ theatre ensemble that was formed out of the famed Second City in 1996. For 20 years, it has produced thought-provoking and irreverent sketch comedy revues where gay is always the given and never the punchline.

The Playground Theater is BYOB!
gaywatch n balls

The Playground Theater
3209 N Halsted St

Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 871-3793

Red line – Belmont Stop

Tickets are $15

GayCo Turns 20!


Pioneering LGBTQ Comedy Troupe GayCo Productions Celebrates 20th Anniversary in Gaytastic One-Night-Only Event

CHICAGO—When they began, they couldn’t get married, serve openly in the military, adopt, or have federally recognized unions thanks to the brand new Defense of Marriage Act. Matthew Shepard was still alive. AIDs was still a serious threat. Ellen was in the closet and Will & Grace was two years away.

mini-raveGayCo Productions, Chicago’s first and longest-running gay sketch comedy ensemble, was founded 20 years ago, in 1996, as part of The Second City’s Outreach & Diversity arm. This was back when being out, gay and funny on stage was nothing short of a revolutionary act. They were bold and proud when the world wasn’t ready for them, and ever since have continued to create boundary-pushing comedy and foster up-and-coming LGBTQ talent.

On Oct. 15th at 7:30pm, GayCo Productions returns home to The Second City at the UP Comedy Club for its 20th Anniversary extravaganza GAYCO XX: GAY FOR PLAY.

GAYCO XX: GAY FOR PLAY is a one-night-only event that will feature GayCo luminaries from past and present performing the best scenes, songs, tributes and memories from GayCo’s two decades of game-changing LGBTQ sketch comedy.

whitney-art2008_ccGayCo has produced dozens of revues in its first 20 years, including the smash hit shows Weddings of Mass Destruction, Everything’s Coming Up Rosie, The Audacity of Nope and its debut Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem.

GAYCO XX: GAY FOR PLAY will feature a slew of GayCo alumni, including Andy Eninger, Butch Jerinic, Judy n Minstrels_CCHomer Marrs, John Loos, Mandy Price, Robin Treviño,  Kathy Betts, Martin Garcia (Black-ish, The Mindy Project), Jim Bennett (LAMBDA Legal, Chicago Gay Hall of Fame member, Moth Grand Slam Winner) and Celeste Pechous (Hot in Cleveland, Workaholics, Stranger Than Fiction). It will be hosted by queer comedy docent Clay Goodpasture.

Other notable alumni over the years include Jon Bonny (Arrested Development), Jeff Richmond (30 Rock producer and husband of Tina Fey) and the late Judy Fabjance, who was GayCo’s longest serving ensemble member and a GayCo founder, who recently passed away after a fight with cancer. A special tribute to Fabjance will also be featured in the program.
GAYCO XX: GAY FOR PLAY happens Oct. 15th at 7:30pm in Second City’s UP Comedy Club (230 W. North Ave) in Chicago. ticket button

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Tops Embody True Meaning of Christmas with “Better to Give than Receive” Mantra


Chicago, IL – Holidays are all about giving, and who gives more than a friendly dom top? Tops across the Chicagoland area are truly showing the holiday cheer this season with with their ‘Giving Spirit.’ Whether your Top is bringing home a Yule Log to throw in your oven or sharing their delicious eggnog with all your party guests – Top men give us all a reason to pause and take note of a special time of year, one stuffed with holiday cheer..

GayCo Productions, home of dom masc tops and aggressive power bottoms and lesbians who don’t believe in power dynamics and have stressful, neurotic sex on vegan beds twice a year, is putting it’s legs up in the air and asking its friends and donors to give, give, give.

This is an extremely big end of year for ye ole GayCo. Next year we turn 20 years old, which means we can throw the fake IDs away and get black-out drunk at Roscoe’s on a Tuesday night like a proper twink!

We will have many celebrations throughout 2016, including our 20th Anniversary Spectacular Blowout Show in October, and we can’t pull it all off without the generous support of our dearest fans and friends.

As you make your final year-end charitable contributions, please GIVE to GayCo.  Don’t worry about us. We can take it! We can take as much as you want to give, hot daddy bear/butch biker lesbian.

And as always, we are eternally thankful for all of our fans, volunteers, directors, performers and producers.  You GIVE so much to our company and we love you. Almost as much as we love Poppers.


Declared part of Gay Mafia

mafia 2

GayCo Productions Declared Part of the Gay Mafia

CHICAGO, IL – GayCo inducted into the Gay Mafia today in an elaborate underground ceremony.

The “Gay Mafia” and the “Velvet Mafia” are pejorative terms for the expansion of gay rights groups in politics, media, and everyday life.
The “Gay Mafia” and “Velvet Mafia” are typically associated with with a perceived “elite” within the fashion and entertainment industries; although the terms can also by ironically by gay people themselves. –

Allegations of this induction ceremony were confirmed by Facebook User, Eric Henning.


We could not be happier for ourselves. We have made it to the top!

Making Memories

Whoa!  Looks like we have a little hit on our hands.  What started out as a bit for our new show, 50 States of Gay has now gone viral.

Take a look at what everyone is talking about….


Come out and see 50 States of Gay at 8pm on Friday, January 8th!

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