Five Fun Optical Illusions

Merriam-Webster defines an optical illusion as

something that looks different from what it is – something you see but that is not really there.

Recently the world was a’buzz with the different perceptions regarding the color of a dress.  Here are 5 more Optical Illusions you can disagree about when you share them with your friends!



[1] Is this a bear or a mer-man twink?bear or merman

It is necessary to organize incoming sensations into information which is meaningful.  e.g. what do you see in this picture and which one are you more attracted to?

This is done is by perceiving individual sensory stimuli as a meaningful whole. Gestalt organization can be used to explain many illusions, like the bear/mer-man twink illusion where the image as a whole switches back and forth from being a Norse-like bear then being a fancy hat wearing mer-man twink.


[2] Does this vehicle need gas?fuel-gauge 4

Illusions can be based on an individual’s ability to see in three dimensions even though the image hitting the retina is only two dimensional. The Ponzo illusion is an example of an illusion which uses monocular cues of depth perception to fool the eye.

The human mind judges the fuel tank’s size based on its background (i.e. the proximity of gas stations), so some may panic and say it needs gas.  Some may say there are 20, 30, or more miles left.

Electric vehicle owners simply laugh at this illusion.


[3] Is this a lesbian or a teenage boy?

(A Bieber photo would have been too easy.)lesbteen 1Visual illusions occur because the circuitry in our visual system evolves, by neural learning. The colors, usual shapes, labels, and juiciness in the pantsuits about the things we see, pop up instantaneously and influence the representation of the scene.  The illusions arise when the “judgments” implied in the unconscious analysis of the scene are in conflict with reasoned considerations about it.

You have the cognitive process hypothesis to thank for the re-questioning of your sexual preferences caused by this illusion.


[4] Is this insane or make complete sense?tp5

Just as the normal functioning brain perceives color and brightness constancies, it also has the ability to understand familiar objects as having a consistent shape, size, or orientation. For example a door is perceived as rectangle regardless of how the image may change on the retina as the door is opened and closed.  Likewise, the toilet paper roll would be perceived a making complete sense in the photo shown.

Insane people’s brains, however, do not always follow the rules of orientation constancy and may change the roll to a ‘hard-to-grab wall-hugging’ orientation.  This occurs when the perspective is changed or the roll is empty.


[5] Is this beer glass half empty or half fullHalf-full-pint-glass-beer

In this geometrical-optical illusion, the geometrical properties of what is seen differ from those of the corresponding objects in the visual field. It’s based on regarding the deviation from true size, shape or position as caused by the assignment of a percept to a meaningful but inappropriate object class.

The illusion is dependent on context-sensitivity, volume, mood, and how much you have consumed so far.  Other factors include surrounding beers for comparison, and loss or gain of opportunities.

Speaking of opportunities – this would be a good time to bring up the Plea the Fifth Party with GayCo at the Waterhouse (3407 N Paulina, Chicago) on March 28th.  Open bar from 8-11pm with $25 wristband!  A sure fire way to get your glass all the way full!




Were these optical illusions fun (as the title portrayed) or frustrating and annoying like most of them are?

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Kelly Preston Crying In Breakfast Nook Alone Again


HOLLYWOOD, CA–Kelly Preston, the longtime wife of heterosexual actor John Travolta, cried alone in her breakfast nook again on Wednesday morning, sources say. This marked the sixth time this week Preston reportedly was seen sobbing in her quaint, sunny kitchen offshoot.

“Ms. Preston loves to cry alone in her breakfast nook,” says Preston’s housekeeper Lupe Gonzalez. “All her days are the same. Wake up, cry in breakfast nook. Have breakfast, cry in breakfast nook. Read some weird Dianetics book while whispering to herself that it’s not her fault, cry in breakfast nook.”

The Jerry McGuire star also reportedly checked her phone for calls from her agent, but received none.

“I keep telling her, someday her career will come first,” says Gonzalez. “And then I ask if she wants more coffee, but she just stares off into space. Yesterday she asked me to describe the feeling of my husband’s hands on my breasts. I told her they were calloused and strong, and she just burst into tears all over again.”

Preston’s husband John Travolta could not be located for comment, but Gonzalez assumes he was either filming a movie, getting his hairpiece adjusted, or having sushi lunch with Scientology leader David Miscavige.

“And yes, all of those are euphemisms for having gay sex in a bathhouse,” added Gonzalez.


RuPaul DragRace Workstation Fired after Coming Out as Transphobic


LOS ANGELES –  In a recent interview with Advocate Magazine, Workstation #4 admitted to Sunnivie Brydum that she is “done with all these trannies!”

The veteran (3 seasons) table (pictured above) spoke to The Advocate about all of Season 7’s trials and tribulations and then went into a 20 minute long rant about how abusive all of the contestants had been to her.

“…You can’t believe how disrespectful all of these trannies are to me!  They poke, prod, hammer, bang, wax, and  strip all over me.  What they don’t understand is I have been here far longer than them and they need to show some DAMN respect.  And, when the cutting started!  Oh don’t getting me started…  All I said was – Pull it together LADIES!”

After the Workstation’s diatribe, Advocate reporter, Brydum, pointed out that they were not transsexual, but merely men dressing as women – to which Workstation #4 simply replied, “Oh. Do you mind if we start this interview over?”

Logo TV and the show’s executive producer, RuPaul Charles, have released a statement condemning the table’s statements and have since let the workstation go, saying that “anyone with such a limited view on the world is just a waste of good wood. Sashay Away”

Rep. Aaron Schock Gets “Muriel Donnelly” on What Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Character Are You? Quiz


WASHINGTON D.C.–Everyone’s favorite heterosexual Republican member of Congress and sassy white belt wearer, Illinois’ own Aaron Schock, was surprised on Tuesday to get “Muriel Donnelly” on the What Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Character Are You? quiz that he took on

“I really thought I was more of an Evelyn Greenslade,” said Schock, referring to Dame Judi Dench’s elegant widow character. “You know, confident, beautiful and active. But, I guess I can see where I’m totally a Muriel. Salty, sharp, always throwing delicious barbs. I love Maggie Smith so much, so I don’t mind! I’ll take it!”

Schock reportedly loves Maggie Smith so much, he had his entire Congressional office decorated like her hit show Downton Abbey.

More surprise from the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel quiz came when Schock’s fully salaried personal photographer who follows him around everywhere, Jonathon Link, took the test and got “Madge Hardcastle,” the adventure-seeking divorcee played by Celia Imrie.

“Jonathon totally thinks he’s Jean Ainslie, but that’s just because he loves Penelope Wilton so much,” said Schock. “He’s really just like Madge. Like, this one time when we were shopping at West Elm before going to a Big Freedia concert, he saw a gorgeous console table and was like ‘how charming!’ I was like, ‘Gurl, you are SUCH a Madge!’ And he was like ‘Ew, vadge?’ I was like ‘Ew, no! MADGE.’ Then we had a pillow fight and laughed and laughed.”

“Also, Jonathon puts his erect penis into my butt a lot,” added Schock. “His cock is SUCH a Mrs. Kapoor.”



New Fall Comedy from GayCo!

042GayCo proudly presents 50 States of GAY!


Let Freedom (Cock)Ring!

CHICAGO—Fifty states. Five gays. So much exploring to do, so little Gun Oil.

Now that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, Chicago’s premiere LGBTQ sketch company GayCo Productions unleashes its most patriotic sketch variety revue in its 19-year history.

50 STATES OF GAY is a completely unique sketch-variety hybrid experience. Starting with Massachusetts (where the original Tea wasspil038led), each week the audience will select a different state from a hat, and that state will become the theme for the next show. The talented cast will then have exactly one week to create original content based on that state.

This includes scenes, songs, puppetry, stand up, interpretive dance, magic, probably a lesbian break-up scene or two, interpretive dance and laminate hardwood flooring.

Will we see a scene about lesbian ranchers in Wyoming? Passive colonial bottoms in Delaware? A bunch of jokes about how Michigan’s upper peninsula looks like a gnarled penis getting a handjob from the lower peninsula? The possibilities are as infinite as America’s bounty.

50 STATES OF GAY previews Saturday, September 12th at 7:30pm at Under the Gun Theater (956 W Newport Ave) and opens Saturday Sept. 19th at 7:30pm. It runs Saturdays through Oct. 31st. Tickets are $15 ($10 for students) and can be purchased by calling (773) 270-3440.

50 STATES OF GAY stars Kathy Betts, Clay Goodpasture, Robin Trevino, Lanny Fox and Jessica Belless.  Understudy – Allison Reese.

9/12 – Massachusetts

9/19 – Georgia

9/26 – Indiana

10/3 – Louisiana 

10/10 – Alabama

10/17 – Pennsylvania

10/24 – Michigan

10/31 –  Hawaii

NEXT UP – 1/8/2016 –  Various States and Best-of sketches in Arlington Heights at the Metropolis!  Details coming soon!



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