Gymnast MyKylyylye Brewer Favored Win Gold in 2016, Based Solely On Number of Ys in Her Name


LONDON – While the media is abuzz about the U.S. Women’s dominating and inspiring gold medal victory in women’s gymnastic at the XXX Olympiad, pundits are already looking ahead to 2016 and putting their money on 14-year-old Corpus Cristi, Texas, native MyKylyylye Brewer.

“MyKylyylye has everything,” says U.S. assistant gymnastic coordinator Rhonda Sherman. “She’s quick, strong, graceful and has like five Ys in her name. That’s more than Jordyn Weber, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney combined.”

“MyKylyylye is a phenom,” says former U.S. Bela Karolyi. “She is born champion, good on floor, strong like Dominque Dawes and heart like Kerri Strug. And with that many Ys in her name, there is nothing she cannot accomplish.”

Brewer, a high school freshman, has been training since she was five and recently placed second in the all-around at the junior U.S. Championships. Many feel she robbed of first place after a judge failed to add the correct amount of bonus points to her vault score. According to international rules, each Y in a female gymnast’s name earns her an extra 0.01, based on the inherent difficulty of living with such a vowel-adverse name.

Brewer, sadly, was only awarded and extra 0.04 instead of 0.05.

“MyKylyylye took it in stride,” said her coach, Pauline Morganstern. “She’s a competitor. The next day, she was back in the gym training, her eyes on 2016. She’s also in the process of legally changing her middle name from Anne to Ayynyn.”

Brewer’s mother, Tammy, just wants her daughter to have fun. “Whatever happens these next four years, the Brewer family will be rooting for her. Her little sisters Kylyyya and YyyYyyym are so proud of their big sister.”


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