Kelly Preston Crying In Breakfast Nook Alone Again


HOLLYWOOD, CA–Kelly Preston, the longtime wife of heterosexual actor John Travolta, cried alone in her breakfast nook again on Wednesday morning, sources say. This marked the sixth time this week Preston reportedly was seen sobbing in her quaint, sunny kitchen offshoot.

“Ms. Preston loves to cry alone in her breakfast nook,” says Preston’s housekeeper Lupe Gonzalez. “All her days are the same. Wake up, cry in breakfast nook. Have breakfast, cry in breakfast nook. Read some weird Dianetics book while whispering to herself that it’s not her fault, cry in breakfast nook.”

The Jerry McGuire star also reportedly checked her phone for calls from her agent, but received none.

“I keep telling her, someday her career will come first,” says Gonzalez. “And then I ask if she wants more coffee, but she just stares off into space. Yesterday she asked me to describe the feeling of my husband’s hands on my breasts. I told her they were calloused and strong, and she just burst into tears all over again.”

Preston’s husband John Travolta could not be located for comment, but Gonzalez assumes he was either filming a movie, getting his hairpiece adjusted, or having sushi lunch with Scientology leader David Miscavige.

“And yes, all of those are euphemisms for having gay sex in a bathhouse,” added Gonzalez.


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