Michigan To Rename Vagina 'Job Creator Creator'

In the wake of the recent controversy where the word “vagina” was banned from the House floor in the Michigan state legislature, Michigan GOP lawmakers passed a bill officially renaming the vagina the Job Creator Creator.

“We were tired of women misleading the public by using scientific, or should I say liberal, terminology to describe their body parts,” said Rep. Stevel Bartell. “We just want to call that icky yuck yuck no-no place by what it is: the place where job creators are born.”

Female legislatures like Rep. Lisa Brown, whose utterance of the word “vagina” on the House floor started the wave of controversy, have been steadfastly against the term Job Creator Creator.

However, male GOP lawmakers aren't budging.

“This isn't about women or their status in our democracy,” Bartell said. “This is about jobs. Every time a morning after pill is taken, or a fetus is aborted, you're losing a potential job creator. So, you could say, by calling it the v-word, you're taking jobs away from our children.”

Other names also considered by GOP lawmakers included:

1. Lady Thing

2. That Place. You Know. Down there.

3. Eve's Bayou

4. Ann's Arbor

5. Lex Luthor

6. Baby Cabinet

7. Evil Cave That, When Mentioned, Reminds Me Of My Fear Of Sex

8. Vajee It's A Nice Day Out, Don't You Think?

9. La La La La La La I Can't Hear You La La La La La La

10.   Madame's Butterfly

11. Hey I Just Met You, And This is Crazy, But Shut Up And Stop Having Opinions

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