Pence signs ‘Religious Freedom’ bill with disappearing Ink


INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WAVE) – Gov. Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in a private ceremony on Thursday, despite strong opposition from those concerned the bill could allow discrimination against gay people.

In signing the bill, Indiana becomes the first state to enact such a measure this year among about a dozen in which such proposals have been introduced.

Then in an even more private ceremony, in a bathroom with a hot mic still recording,  he mumbled to himself  “…they don’t even know.  I love the boys… disappearing ink.”

 While the bill was rushed from the media’s eyes, We have strong reason to believe that the governor is a closeted homosexual that has the need to service who ever is in front of him and fraudulently signed the bill with magic disappearing ink, said IN Press Secretary, Kara Brooks.

When  the IN Press Secretary, Kara Brooks (@KaraBrooks03)  was comforted with more questions about the allegations of the possible fraudulent signing of the bill – Hooisers Hate Homos  (as it has affectionately been named)she simply broke into a rousing rendition  of  Hozier’s  “Take Me To Church”

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