Rep. Aaron Schock Gets “Muriel Donnelly” on What Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Character Are You? Quiz


WASHINGTON D.C.–Everyone’s favorite heterosexual Republican member of Congress and sassy white belt wearer, Illinois’ own Aaron Schock, was surprised on Tuesday to get “Muriel Donnelly” on the What Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Character Are You? quiz that he took on

“I really thought I was more of an Evelyn Greenslade,” said Schock, referring to Dame Judi Dench’s elegant widow character. “You know, confident, beautiful and active. But, I guess I can see where I’m totally a Muriel. Salty, sharp, always throwing delicious barbs. I love Maggie Smith so much, so I don’t mind! I’ll take it!”

Schock reportedly loves Maggie Smith so much, he had his entire Congressional office decorated like her hit show Downton Abbey.

More surprise from the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel quiz came when Schock’s fully salaried personal photographer who follows him around everywhere, Jonathon Link, took the test and got “Madge Hardcastle,” the adventure-seeking divorcee played by Celia Imrie.

“Jonathon totally thinks he’s Jean Ainslie, but that’s just because he loves Penelope Wilton so much,” said Schock. “He’s really just like Madge. Like, this one time when we were shopping at West Elm before going to a Big Freedia concert, he saw a gorgeous console table and was like ‘how charming!’ I was like, ‘Gurl, you are SUCH a Madge!’ And he was like ‘Ew, vadge?’ I was like ‘Ew, no! MADGE.’ Then we had a pillow fight and laughed and laughed.”

“Also, Jonathon puts his erect penis into my butt a lot,” added Schock. “His cock is SUCH a Mrs. Kapoor.”



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