Sean Young Kicked Out of Bilderberg Meeting

After an otherwise uneventful evening of panel discussions, presentations and absolutely no diabolical scheming to secure the last of the world’s dwindling resources, the annual summit of the top-secret collective of world leaders, the Bilderberg Group, was interrupted by an outburst from Hollywood actress Sean Young.

According to eye witnesses at the Chantilly, Virginia, hotel, the inebriated star of Blade Runner and Dune attempted to sit on the lap of Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld and was rejected, prompting her to angrily pull a tablecloth off a table, shattering dishes and covering Henry Kissinger with risotto. Young then backhand-slapped billionare George Soros and began to lap up coffee creamer as if she was a cat before she was removed from the premises.

Attendee and political columnist Peggy Noonan described the scene as “regrettable to the foremost.” An official Bilderberg spokesman said Young’s outburst would not derail the meeting’s goal of anything other than creating a feudalistic one-world government.

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