Metro Rails on Homosexist Edge With Sexy Ad

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Doesn’t it seem that gay men can’t ever stop blabbing annoyingly about shoes? Well, the folks behind a new marketing campaign for Washington, D.C.’s Metro agree, and have dedicated one of their poster designs of the idea just to prove it.

The ad features a photo of a woman and gay man conversing. The woman notes, “A Metrobus travels about 8,260 miles between breakdowns. Didn’t know that, did you?” The gay man’s response is, “Can’t we just talk about shoes?”

Student Adam Sandle, first eye’d the poster on Tuesday, in the Metro Center station. He tweeted a photo of it, noting, “Nice bit of lunchtime homosexism on the Metro,” shortly after tweeting, “I want this man to be my husband.” Same-sex marriage has been available in the District of Columbia since early 2010.

Paul Cleatis, cofounder of the city’s anti-homosexism group StereoMyType (which is not to be confused with the popular Grindr-like dating/music app of the same name), quickly weighed in, “These new ads by Metro are not edgy, they are homosexist, stupid and offensive, yet admittedly very sexy. Do you know who the hot guy is in the ad?” Pausing after his boyfriend joined him, “The PR failure shows just how little Metro thinks of its everyday passenger, and highlights how out of touch the system is with the DC-area residents that they serve.”

According to Metro’s website, the tasteless ad that is part of their new campaign, touts $5 billion of improvements, friendships, and sexiness through a series of 4,000 posters displayed throughout its subways, buses and transit stations.

Homosexual commuter Douglas Bootman comments, “We’re happy for the visibility of homosexuals in their advertising campaign, but do they have to be so homosexist? I mean why can’t the beautiful guy in the ad want to talk about football or the Red Sox series win, or how the Tar Heels are doing this year?”

Metro released the following statement: “The point is to get people talking about Metro’s massive rebuilding effort by juxtaposing technical facts with a variety of light responses and conversation between friends. Some of the ads contain just men, some contain just women.” A similar ad, for example, contains men, with one saying, “Can’t we just talk about boobs?”

Bootman contends, “Yeah, well that’s what straight men talk about.”

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