Top 5 Things I Gave Up For Lent


Like everyone else in the entire world, I grew up Catholic.  And like everyone else in the world I used to get an ash cross temporarily tattooed to my forehead.  Its Ash Wednesday today!  The beginning of Lent!  For those people who don’t know, Lent is the season before Easter. Or, more importantly, the Filet’O’Fish Season.   It used to be that Catholics would try to fast for 40 days (46 days really) to symbolize the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

Jesus’ life = food

Then that was too hard so they just stopped eating on Fridays.

Jesus’s life = hungry Fridays

Then THAT got too hard so they just gave up meat on Fridays.  The cows, goats, chickens and turkeys all gave a sigh of relief.  But not the fishes!!  They aren’t meat.  They are….well….I don’t what they are but the pope says it ain’t meat so it ain’t meat.  Stop questioning it.  That’s very unCatholic of you.

Jesus’s life = meat

But the most exciting part of Lent is everyone gives up something for the 40 days (46 days really) of Lent.  This was always a hard choice for me.  40 days (46 days really) is a long time.  And I wanted it to count.  Jesus gave up his life for me.  I had to find something that would parallel.

5) Jesus’ Life = Chocolate

No one had ever thought of giving up chocolate for Lent before I did it in 4th grade.  I started it.  Just ask anyone.  Of course on Easter Sunday I gorged myself with chocolate.  More chocolate than I would have eaten the entire 40 days (46 days really).

4) Jesus’ Life = Being mean to people

This was probably the closest I came to what Jesus sacrificed himself for.  But, virtually impossible when you’re in 6th grade and every day is an episode of All My Children.

3)  Jesus’ Life = Lying

I totally really didn’t lie for 40 days (46 days really).  For real.

2)  Jesus’ Life = Not Making a Funny Face While Dancing

This was the toughest thing for me to give up.  Look in the mirror next time you dance.  You make a face, or your hands are doing something weird.  Its impossible.  Give it a try this Lent.  Its a tough one.

1)  Jesus’ Life = Giving Up Things for Lent

The most successful thing I gave up for Lent was giving up things for Lent.  Yes, to the dismay of all the saints and popes, I know longer practice this ritual anymore.  But I did decide one Lental season that I would give up giving up things for Lent.  And I prevailed.  Just like Jesus did.

Disclaimer:  I’m not a Historian or a Theologian.  I am a product of Catholic School.  If you find a discrepancy with my history lesson, take it up with the Catholic school system.  And my parents.

Kelly Beeman


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