Top 5 Ways To Get Lucky in March

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and everybody is either wearing green, drinking a Guinness, eating corned beef & cabbage, or doing all three! The question is – on the so-called “luckiest day of the year”, how can you ensure that YOU get lucky?  While you hunt down some leprechauns and four leaf clovers, GayCo provides some tips to help you get a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’.


1. Go to a Meet-Up for a game night, cooking class, art museum, book discussion…any topic really.  These ladies WANT. TO. ”MEET”. UP.

2. Go to one of those black/white/clear bra parties and see the goods before buying the merchandise.

3. Go on a lesbian cruise.  I mean, how romantic is that?

4. Take out the special friends from your nightstand drawer.  The title of this list didn’t say anything about another person being mandatory.

5. Go to a GayCo show!  (There is one on 3/19 – the Hump Night Pre-Game Show.)  And if you don’t meet a cute single lady, you’ll feel lucky about seeing a great show!


lucky in love green back

  lucky5 blank box

Gay Men:  

1. Grindr

2. Scruff

3. Steamworks

4. Jackhammer

5. Breathe


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