Which She-Wolf Are You?


We see them at the bar, the softball fields, the festivals.  That group of cool lesbians on the prowl.  Like any pack animal there is a natural pecking order.  The suave alpha leader, the young pups, the loser at the bottom.   Which one are you?  Take this quiz to find out.    And come see GayCo’s  She-wolves in action at “Breast in Show”.  Sunday nights at 7:30pm at pH Theater running until May 26!!

She-Wolf Quiz


Got your result of the quiz?  See who you are below!!




Amy is the alpha.  She’s the one in charge and nobody messes with her.  When the pack is on the hunt for ladies she always gets first choice.  If you can’t be an Amy, you at least want to be the one she picks.  The crowd ain’t the only thing that will part when she walks in the room.  (your legs.  we are talking about your legs)





Beatrice, the second in charge,  has a brain in her head.  She could lead the pack but is just buying her time.  This lady may look sweet but she always has a plan.  Not as aggressive as Amy but she can get rough if you know what we mean.   Oh wait, rough is a pun. Like ruff.  Hilarious.  And she can kayak.






Gigi doesn’t like conflict.  She just wants to hang out and stay cool.  The type of girl that will want to go to Taco Bell at 3am in the morning.  Or at noon.  Especially at 4:20.  You may find her in dreds or with no hair at all.  She don’t care.






kellyThe youngest of the pack and they usually come in pairs.  They are always messing around with something or someone.   There is no such thing as a walk of shame for these girls.  They have alot of energy for sports and are always on the the hunt for the most dangerous game:  lesbians.  Some of them can be mean.




Kelly Y

Meg is the runt of the pack.  The only girl she’s getting is the one the others don’t want.  She’s often asked to come along only to be the designated driver.    Although most of the pack make fun of her they will all protect her if threatened by another pack.  Better to be Meg than not in a pack at all.



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