5 Reasons to Donate to GayCo’s Fives of March


You! Yes you! You’re a gal on the go, busy reading Facebook links about Russian hijinks and the new cast of Dancing With the Stars (hayyy DJ Tanner!) But where does much of this content that distracts you from your job come from? It comes from writers. And comedians. And gay people.

GayCo is an ensemble of talented LGBTQ and LGBTQ-friendly comedians and writers. We hit the perfect trifecta of Facebook feed content creators, therefore, GayCo is possibly the most important organization in the world.

Here are five great reasons to give to our March fundraiser The Fives of March!


1. We’re Sexy

Oooh, damn gurl! Look at those hotties! Is that the set of Britney Spears’ video for “Gimme More 2: I Am Still in Need of Some”? NO! It’s your friendly neighborhood GayCo, performing like red-hot sexpots, because of sexiness. Don’t get to close to your computer screen, or you gonna get BURNTTT.


2. We Were Once Directed By Tina Fey’s Husband Tina-Fey-SAG-Awards-Earrings

Rumor has it she may have brought snacks to a GayCo rehearsal once or twice, back in the mid-90s when GayCo was still a frisky club twink. So, basically, one or more of us may have eaten food purchased or baked by Liz Lemon herself, once or twice, about twenty years ago. FAMOUS PEOPLE LOVE US BEFORE THEY ARE FAMOUS!


3. We’re 78% Vodka



86% on weekends. And it’s a known fact that vodka is the primary fuel needed to create great gay comedy, so we are essentially bursting with excellence/Absolut Berry Acai.


4.  We’re Non-Profit!


We gave up profits and carbs a long time ago because of a really great article we read on FitnessMoms.com. It’s been great! We have SO much energy/moments of uncontrolled sobbing now! Seriously, by being a non-profit, we can put our primary focus on creating awesome comedy for the masses. But, we can’t do it without generous (and completely TAX DEDUCTIBLE!) donations from our supporters. We’d go back and ask our message boards at FinessMoms.com, but we’re banned because we admitted we don’t understand yoga pants.


5. It’ll Make You Feel Great!

Pharrell-Williams-Happy-2013-1200x1200 (1)

Wheeee!! See how much fun that was? You helped a great organization continue to create rockstar LGBTQ comedy and enrich the sketch comedy world with its unique-like-Pharrell-Williams’-mounty-hat, challenging point of view.


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