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Use our sample forms above to (2) carefully complete The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) Form 1s (5320.1) and sign in blue or black ink. 4i should include “any legal purpose” unless your state requires it for scientific or experimental purposes – see your state`s restrictions on NFA firearms. (ATF has updated the requirements for NC – See our north carolina gun trust lawyer® state information page. 4j Only if you are creating a DD. Remember our buddy John Smith? In all Smith Family Trust examples (except example #5), John can enter the coordinates of one of the following CLEOs: The number after the decimal point is where each form gets its nickname – “Form 1” is 5320.1, “Form 2” is 5320.2, and so on. This is the age of computing, so faced with something so confusing, it`s natural to seek help on the Internet. And while the internet is certainly an extremely useful resource for many things, the instructions for filling out Form 1 are simply not one of them. This is because most of the information on the web is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete. And it is very difficult to say if the author really knows what he is talking about.

Just because the FaceBook Forum moderator Form 1 Builders is called “GunMaster2020” and swears he`s the ultimate Guru of Form 1 doesn`t mean this is necessarily true. 5-6. Applicant`s Federal Firearms Licence. These boxes are empty for an NFA Gun Trust. If you have an FFL and/or SOT license and are applying as an individual, enter this information here. Add your FFL and/or SOT license numbers, if you are applying as an individual, this can speed up your approval process. There are several ways to navigate this article. You can read it from start to finish (recommended), or you can access a specific section of the form by finding the part of the Form 1 app that`s causing you problems (with the instruction image above) and scrolling down until you see the orange button that corresponds to that # box. If all the information you need to enter in the 4h.

field does not match, you can enter “Show attached page for more information” and then attach a separate page with the details to your request. Make sure that the additional page includes your name (or the name of the trust, company, etc.) as shown in box 3b. Navigating ATF documents can sometimes be confusing. This is the main reason why we created the atF Form 1 step-by-step guide. In this step-by-step guide, we will review all the items on form ATF 1. Form ATF 1 is not the only form required to apply for an NFA tax stamp. You will also need Form ATF 23 (5320.23), the NFA`s responsible persons questionnaire, only if you apply for your ATF tax stamp from a trust or NFA Gun company. Forms ATF 1 and ATF 5320.23 can be downloaded below. Approval times may vary for Form ATF 1, but you can check out our ATF Form 1 and our ATF 1 Average Approval Time Electronic Form – NFA Approval Tracker to see the most recent average approval times. If John builds his SBR by modifying an existing firearm, he will enter the original information of the manufacturer (Colt`s Manufacturing LLC) in field 4a, but he will still have to enter El Paso`s address in field 3b.

Since John does not build his SBR from an existing firearm, all the information in Box 4 is based on the new SBR. Since he creates the SBR from scratch, John must also create a model and serial number for the weapon. John agrees with the theory: “If one extra rod is good, five more upper ones are better.” The only problem is that it doesn`t have enough space to list the caliber, barrel length and OAL for the five tops of the 4h box. But that`s not a problem, as he can simply write: “See attached page for more information” in the 4h field. and add a list of additional tops/barrels to his Form 1 request. Once the registration is complete and sent, an email will be sent to the email address you provided, containing the user ID and a thank you message. If you hold a Federal Firearms Licence (FFF) or a registrant under the Arms Export Control Act (ACEA), you must register for the electronic forms before submitting forms for the business and click on the MY PROFILE tab to request a mapping to your FFL or AECA numbers. John thinks the best way to stop upsetting his wife is to prevent her from hearing all the gunshots from the court. So he decides to build a silencer from a fuel filter kit. Since the Smith Family Trust is the manufacturer, John will enter the information exactly as in Example #2, with one notable exception. The silencers have no barrel length, so John will enter N/A in the 4th field. Here`s a thought: when 40% of all Form 1 applications are denied or delayed, and almost all submitted or corrected applications are ultimately approved; Shouldn`t the Request for Form 1 be corrected? We don`t know about you, but we`d rather pay a software engineer for a week (to correct forms) than pay the salaries of 10 additional ATF employees (to reject, delay, reprocess, and approve resubmitted applications).

Well. Let`s move on. But aside from our general hatred of the Eforms system, there are a few other reasons why we suggest sticking to the paper form 1:15f2. 1. Send a letter to the ATF informing them that the letter “g” is indeed available. 2. Answer “N/A”. In fact, the ATF Form 1 is called “Form 1 Application for the Manufacture and Registration of a Firearm (ATF Form 5320.1)” and can be downloaded here. Well, it`s a full bite, even for the government, so it`s more commonly referred to as Form 1 to distinguish it from several other variants of the 5320 form.

But since we don`t look at them, we`re going to move on. 4h. Additional description. Information about your firearms trust can be found here. You can also add additional calibers and barrel length configurations here. Is Form ATF 1 (5320.1) on your website the current form to fill out and submit? At the bottom of the document is “revised September 2019”. Thank you! 3. Create a Gun Trust with the Trust Shop and use the ATF Form 1 system for free. The new gun trusts cost just $49 and come with unlimited use of the ATF form system, so you can use it for all your future Form 1 applications. In addition, you will have access to all of our other ATF forms as well as all gun trust forms. If your firearm contains other descriptive information, you can enter it here.

For example, if you want to engrave a radioactive symbol on your lower receiver, you can type “Four overlapping circles engraved on the lower receiver”. The following is an example form that you can use to add additional configurations or add configurations later. 4a. Manufacturer. The name and address of the original manufacturer of NFA firearms go here. Note: If you apply for an ATF Form 1 tax stamp with a trust and you manufacture the NFA firearm yourself, you can find the name and address of the trust here. If the NFA firearm already has a serial number and manufacturer address on the NFA firearm, use this information for field 4a. Go to the Electronic Forms Registration/Login to screen, and then click Electronic Forms. Enter the information requested on the screen. Once your first and last name are entered on the registration screen, your username will be generated on the right side of the screen. We recommend that you write the user ID for your future reference (as well as note the password you set).

Box?? To the right of field 13 is a field asking for your date of birth. For some reason, the ATF has decided that your date of birth is mandatory but doesn`t deserve to have its own box #. You can enter your date of birth in mm/dd/y format or write it down. FYI: The Trust Shop thinks your DATE OF BIRTH is a special day and worth having your own box # in every way. Therefore, we hereby declare that the DOB box will now be referred to as Box 13b. One of the easiest ways to file a Form 1 for many popular gun concepts is to build a gun in such a way that no registration is legally required. For many people, there is little reason to use an AR-15 to SBR when a gun equipped with various legal accessories offers identical to almost identical performance. The proliferation of weapons like the Mossberg Shockwave, which gives you a 14-inch pistol-grip shotgun without any kind of NFA paperwork, has made filing a Form 1 unnecessary for many shotguns. (Click this link to get a blank ATF 1 form that can be filled out with instructions on your computer.) When you submit your ATF 1 form, be sure to print it double-sided or copy the second page to the back after printing. You will also notice that there are 3 copies of Form ATF 1, so when you fill out the first, the second and third are automatically filled in. The first 2 are sent to the ATF and the third are sent with the CLEO notification. This is one of the main reasons why a regular revocable living trust does not make a good (or even acceptable) gun trust.

Trusts that are not specifically designed for the possession of Firearms under Title II are often formulated in such a way that even the beneficiaries (the persons who receive the firearms upon your death) are considered responsible persons, which is a very serious problem for the person who signed his name in box 7 and swears under penalty of perjury that the application is correct. .

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