How Will Empty Nest End?

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HOLLYWOOD – After airing its jaw-dropping penultimate episode, beloved NBC sitcom Empty Nest has taken the Internet by storm with speculation as to how this dark, violent modern epic will end.

The second-to-last episode, My Pal Valy-Val, saw the iconic, disturbed, anti-hero pediatrician Dr. Harry Weston go on a camping trip to get some me-time only to have the desperate, morally comprised Charley tag along. Meanwhile, Harry’s tormented eldest daughter Carol met a new friend while his two-faced, kleptomaniac nurse Laverne was annoyed about a psychic setting up shop next door to their clinic.

It was an episode exploding with surprises and sudden violence, and it has left Empty Nest’s rabid fanbase in a fury as they try to guess how one of the greatest and darkest American odysseys ever made will end.

“I think it’ll end with either a going away party for Laverne, or maybe Dr. Weston will finally retire and leave Miami,” says longtime fan Brad Raymer. “But who knows, the way this crazy, balls-out season has been going, I could see Charley leaving to work on another cruise ship. Or, God forbid, they have to put Dreyfuss down.”

“I bet Kristy MacNichol comes back,” says Lisa Thompson, owner of, a forum for diehard Harry Weston fans that also sells Empty Nest cosplay gear. “All the signs this season have been pointing to her character Barbara returning. Carol mentioned her in the episode that Carol gets a raise, and in the episode where Laverne brings a parrot to the clinic, Harry mentions how Barbara always wanted a parrot as a child.”

Still others think the episode could end as a dream of Sophia Petrillo, Harry’s incalculably evil prescription-drug-addicted neighbor who joined the show in season six.

“This is the best fucking show on television,” said Raymer. “It’s non-stop adrenaline, like a modern Western, but with amazingly muscular writing and an inky black darkness to match these uncertain times. I’m going to miss Harry and his demonic sweaters when they’re gone.”

The finale of Empty Nest airs this Sunday on NBC.




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