Arizona Realizes it has Become The ‘New Boob’ of America

AZboobFLAGSTAFF, AZ – In a startling realization on Tuesday, Arizona became aware that it is the new boob of America.  Many Americans thought that Missouri would never be able to be unseated as America’s #1 Boob after Representative Todd Akin said women’s bodies can somehow block an unwanted pregnancy in instances of “legitimate rape,” but in an ABC Poll, Arizona has pulled ahead by a significant amount. With the national media baring down on the Grand Canyon State it seems that none of its politicians gave any thought to the repercussions of legislating for legislation sake.  State Senator, Chester Crandell, openly admits to not personally knowing any gays but said, “That barista kid at the Starbucks is too animated, it makes me uncomfortable.  Just give me my damn Upside-down Carmel Macchiato with sugar-free vanilla”

Andrew Stevens, a gay volunteer for HRC and an avid traveler/outdoor enthusiast, had a trip planned to visit the Grand Canyon this summer.  He has since canceled his trip to the bigoted state and he laments, “I was really looking forward to the trip.  I have always wanted to see that vast, gaping hole of wonder called the Grand Canyon.  Gays love big holes.  This legislation discrimination just doesn’t make sense.”




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