RuPaul DragRace Workstation Fired after Coming Out as Transphobic


LOS ANGELES –  In a recent interview with Advocate Magazine, Workstation #4 admitted to Sunnivie Brydum that she is “done with all these trannies!”

The veteran (3 seasons) table (pictured above) spoke to The Advocate about all of Season 7’s trials and tribulations and then went into a 20 minute long rant about how abusive all of the contestants had been to her.

“…You can’t believe how disrespectful all of these trannies are to me!  They poke, prod, hammer, bang, wax, and  strip all over me.  What they don’t understand is I have been here far longer than them and they need to show some DAMN respect.  And, when the cutting started!  Oh don’t getting me started…  All I said was – Pull it together LADIES!”

After the Workstation’s diatribe, Advocate reporter, Brydum, pointed out that they were not transsexual, but merely men dressing as women – to which Workstation #4 simply replied, “Oh. Do you mind if we start this interview over?”

Logo TV and the show’s executive producer, RuPaul Charles, have released a statement condemning the table’s statements and have since let the workstation go, saying that “anyone with such a limited view on the world is just a waste of good wood. Sashay Away”

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