SPOILER: Breaking Bad to End With Esther Williams-Style Musical Number




HOLLYWOOD – As anticipation for the series finale of the AMC series Breaking Bad hits a fever pitch, insiders have revealed the story of chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin Walter White will end with an all-out Esther Williams-style aquatic musical number.

“For us, we wanted to end with a bang, and with something unexpected,” said series creator Vince Gilligan. “And really, if you look at the clues, everything in the series has been building toward a wham-bang tribute to swimming musical star of the 1950s, Esther Williams.”

While details of the final episode are still tightly under wraps, a producer on the set confirmed that it will use 25 synchronized swimmers, 16 dancers, an Olympic swimming pool set in front of a to-scale replica of the Acropolis, authentic MGM Golden Era costumes, a cameo by a holographic Cyd Charisse and Ricardo Montalbon, and Bryan Cranston in no less than five beaded, couture swimsuits.

“I’ve told Vince from the beginning I wanted Walter to do an Esther Williams number,” said Cranston. “It just made sense. Here’s a chemistry teacher with cancer who turns to making meth to support his family, and clearly underneath it all he just wants to be queen of the singing mermaids.”

“Plus, I hear being on meth feels a lot like being underwater, dance-swimming with animated cats,” ¬†Cranston added.

Breaking Bad has only a few episodes left, it’s most recent breaking cable records with 6.4 million viewers.



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