Tops Embody True Meaning of Christmas with “Better to Give than Receive” Mantra


Chicago, IL – Holidays are all about giving, and who gives more than a friendly dom top? Tops across the Chicagoland area are truly showing the holiday cheer this season with with their ‘Giving Spirit.’ Whether your Top is bringing home a Yule Log to throw in your oven or sharing their delicious eggnog with all your party guests – Top men give us all a reason to pause and take note of a special time of year, one stuffed with holiday cheer..

GayCo Productions, home of dom masc tops and aggressive power bottoms and lesbians who don’t believe in power dynamics and have stressful, neurotic sex on vegan beds twice a year, is putting it’s legs up in the air and asking its friends and donors to give, give, give.

This is an extremely big end of year for ye ole GayCo. Next year we turn 20 years old, which means we can throw the fake IDs away and get black-out drunk at Roscoe’s on a Tuesday night like a proper twink!

We will have many celebrations throughout 2016, including our 20th Anniversary Spectacular Blowout Show in October, and we can’t pull it all off without the generous support of our dearest fans and friends.

As you make your final year-end charitable contributions, please GIVE to GayCo.  Don’t worry about us. We can take it! We can take as much as you want to give, hot daddy bear/butch biker lesbian.

And as always, we are eternally thankful for all of our fans, volunteers, directors, performers and producers.  You GIVE so much to our company and we love you. Almost as much as we love Poppers.


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