Zscaler Enterprise License Agreement

1.14 “Product Sheets” means Zscaler Materials available on www.zscaler.com/productsheets that contain product descriptions, service levels and conditions for certain Products. If you access or use Products for proof-of-concept, beta testing, interactive demonstrations or other similar evaluation purposes (the “Evaluation Products”), you may only use the Evaluation Products for your own internal evaluation purposes for a period of up to thirty (30) days (or a shorter period predefined for interactive demonstrations) from the date of first access to the Evaluation Products. You and Zscaler may extend the evaluation period by mutual written agreement. At the end of the evaluation period, you must remove all software and other components (including documentation) related to the evaluation products, otherwise you may be charged the current list price of the evaluation products. If you are evaluating SaaS, please note that Zscaler may automatically disable access to SaaS at the end of the evaluation period without notice. At the end of the Evaluation Period, Customer Data will be deleted in accordance with Zscaler`s six (6) month retention periods, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. By participating in an interactive demo, you agree and understand that you will receive an instance of SaaS that will be shared with other customers and potential Zscaler users. For all Evaluation Products, only sections 4, 5.7, 6, 9, 10, 11 and the definitions applicable in Section 1 of this Agreement apply. 11.8 Entire Agreement. This Agreement, including the Product Sheets, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, proposals or representations, written or oral, with respect to its subject matter.

The parties do not rely on or rely on any representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement, except for the representations and warranties set forth in this Agreement. No modification, addition or waiver to any provision of this Agreement shall be effective unless it is made in writing and signed by the party against whom the modification, supplement or waiver is to be invoked. No term set forth in a Customer Order, pre-printed form or other document will supplement or modify the terms of this Agreement, and all such terms shall be null and void. Server licenses for micro-segmentation (server-to-server) require Cloud Connector 4.3 client policies and responsibilities. The foregoing in no way limits Zscaler`s confidentiality and security obligations set forth in this Agreement. Zscaler acknowledges that all feedback is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. 4.1.1 Zscaler. All right and title to the Products, Zscaler Materials and Documentation, including all related intellectual property rights, belongs exclusively to Zscaler and its licensors. ZSCALER is a registered trademark or trademark of Zscaler, Inc.

and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. Zscaler documentation, products, and materials are protected by patents in the United States and elsewhere in www.zscaler.com/patents. No rights are granted to customer except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. This Agreement governs the purchase, access and use of Zscaler Products by Customers. Additional Information 1.3 “Authorized User” means an employee, agent, contractor or other third party authorized by Customer and/or its affiliates to access, use, download, deploy or install the Products. . Advanced Cloud Data Loss Prevention & Exact Data Match 4.4.2 Zscaler maintains reasonable and appropriate physical, organizational, administrative and technical safeguards to protect Customer Data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction (“Security Measures”). Zscaler is ISO 27001 and System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2, Type II certified and is audited annually by a third party to ensure continued compliance with these certifications. Zscaler regularly tests, evaluates and evaluates the effectiveness of security measures.

Upon written request, Zscaler undertakes to provide the Customer with a copy of its latest ISO 27001 certificate and/or SOC 2, Type II report. Zscaler will not significantly reduce security measures during the Subscription Term. Zscaler will take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with security measures by its employees, subcontractors and subcontractors/subcontractors to the extent applicable to their range of services. 1.21 “Zscaler Materials” means all of Zscaler`s proprietary materials, intellectual property rights in all Zscaler products and documentation, processes and methods, and/or materials distributed by Zscaler during presentations, proofs of concept or demonstrations of the Products. 5.6 Means of Warranty. With the exception of the Service Credits described in the Product Sheets, the remedies set forth in Sections 5.2 to 5.5 above are Zscaler`s sole remedy and obligation with respect to Products that do not conform to the foregoing warranties….

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